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Data relation is required to apply foreign key relation between dataset tables.
Data relation will provide following features:

  • Child records will not accepted without parent record.
  • Parent record can't be modified or deleted when child records are exists.
  • Parent record will be modified or deleted by applying to child records.

    Dim r as Data.DataRelation
    r=new DataRelation("RelationName",ParenColumn,ChildColumn)

The above code will establish relation by applying parent column with unique key constraint and child column with foreign key constraint.

Comments/Suggestions are invited. Happy coding......!

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Abhilasha Chauhan 12/8/2012 (IST) / Reply

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vivek grewal 9/27/2013 (IST) / Reply

its not much more.

hassabo mohammed 3/31/2014 (IST) / Reply

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