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Some of the useful keyboard shortcut keys for Sql Server are given here:

Bookmarks: Clear all bookmarks. CTRL-SHIFT-F2
Bookmarks: Insert or remove a bookmark (toggle). CTRL+F2
Bookmarks: Move to next bookmark. F2
Bookmarks: Move to previous bookmark. SHIFT+F2
Cancel a query. ALT+BREAK
Connections: Connect. CTRL+O
Connections: Disconnect. CTRL+F4
Connections: Disconnect and close child window. CTRL+F4
Database objects information. ALT+F1
Editing: Clear the active Editor pane. CTRL+SHIFT+ DEL
Editing: Comment out code. CTRL+SHIFT+C
Editing: Copy. You can also use CTRL+INSERT. CTRL+C
Editing: Cut. You can also use SHIFT+DEL. CTRL+X
Editing: Decrease indent. SHIFT+TAB
Editing: Delete through the end of a line in the Editor pane. CTRL+DEL
Editing: Go to a line number. CTRL+G
Editing: Increase indent. TAB
Editing: Make selection lowercase. CTRL+SHIFT+L
Editing: Make selection uppercase. CTRL+SHIFT+U
Editing: Remove comments. CTRL+SHIFT+R
Editing: Repeat last search or find next. F3
Editing: Replace. CTRL+H
Execute a query. You can also use CTRL+E (for backward compatibility). F5
Books Online F1
Help for the selected Transact-SQL statement. SHIFT+F1
Navigation: Switch between query and result panes. F6
Navigation: Switch panes. Shift+F6
Navigation: Window Selector. CTRL+W
New Query window. CTRL+N
Object Browser (show/hide). F8
Object Search. F4
Parse the query and check syntax. CTRL+F5
Results: Display results in grid format. CTRL+D
Results: Display results in text format. CTRL+T
Results: Move the splitter. CTRL+B
Results: Save results to file. CTRL+SHIFT+F
Results: Show Results pane (toggle). CTRL+R
Templates: Insert a template. CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT
Templates: Replace template parameters. CTRL+SHIFT+M
Tuning: Display estimated execution plan. CTRL+L
Tuning: Display execution plan (toggle ON/OFF). CTRL+K
Tuning: Index Tuning Wizard. CTRL+I
Tuning: Show client statistics CTRL+SHIFT+S
Tuning: Show server trace. CTRL+SHIFT+T
Use database. CTRL+U

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kiran 5/25/2011 (IST) / Reply

very usefull

babypriyanka 7/24/2013 (IST) / Reply

sir pls provide me codesin java to implement security related concepts

ummehani 9/8/2013 (IST) / Reply

idea java code

soni 9/10/2013 (IST) / Reply

code for idea algorithm in java

KHAN 1/4/2014 (IST) / Reply


Allan 9/23/2014 (IST) / Reply


mahesh 9/30/2014 (IST) / Reply

i am unable to execute this code..gettin error in main exception array index out of bound ...can you help me in solving this please... also error at socket connection .. please help me ...

shweta mahale 9/29/2015 (IST) / Reply

idea algorithm