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The Main Objective of this System is to design a system to maintain considerable information of the employees, departments, Customer details for any BPO organization.


Call Center Executer is an increasingly important skill as the use of call centers becomes a popular method of centralizing information services, streamlining order taking and providing valuable customer support. The skills required to successfully set-up and manage a call center encompass everything from staff recruitment and personnel management, to technical understanding of the options available, and the all-important customer relationship management. From small customer service departments to large call centers, the importance of developing successful Call Center Executer is vital for building a valued relationship with customers to support long-term business growth.

This system (Call Center Executer) is useful to the organization, it maintains the information about the employees and it also contains the necessary information of the customer and their phone Numbers, their services also. It also maintains the employee roaster details.

This system will track the employee’s login details. And also maintains the data the employee attend the call and his behavior with customer and the speech will be recorded into file. Sometimes customer request for service to the organization. This data also maintains the system


Operating System Server: Windows XP or later
Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005
Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer
Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008
User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax
Code Behind: C#.Net


Hardware Specification

• Intel Pentium or More
• 512 MB Ram
• PC with 20GB

Software Specification

• WINDOWS OS (XP / 2000 / 200 Server / 2003 Server)
• Visual Studio .Net 2008 Enterprise Edition
• Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)
• Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment) version 3.5
• SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

This project is developed for academic purpose, so it has some limitations. Though it gives a complete picture about a call center management system. The zip file consists all required documents, database and full project source code.

Comments/Suggestions are invited. Happy coding......!

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