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In any organization web pages should be accessible to all the employees, within the organization network. In this case providing physical location of webpages to clients will lead to security problem. The solution is web server. Web server acts as mediator between bowser and webpages. Web server is software to manage web pages, this provide security to web pages. Website is an application within the webserver, maintains physical path of webpages.

Protocol is a set of rules for communication. Browser and webserver are accepting set of rules for communication is called HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). Web server will accept "http request" and provides "http response", hence web server also called "http server". Some of web servers are Apache web server, Tomcat web server, Java web server, IIS web server. ASP.Net towards Linux requires Apache web server. ASP.Net towards windows requires IIS web server.

IIS installation towards windowsxp service pack3:

  • goto control panel
  • select add|remove programs
  • select add|remove windows components
  • select IIS check box
  • click on next button (it will prompt for XP cd)

IIS installation towards windows 7 or windows vista:

  • goto control panel
  • programs and features
  • turn windows features on or off
  • select IIS
  • select all the inner options of the IIS
  • windows 7 home basic|premium doesn't support IIS, go with windows 7 professional|ultimate

Verifying IIS installation:

  • goto browser
  • type http://localhost or http://systemname
  • You can find the IIS documentation or IIS logo
IIS installation comes with "default website" this will maintain physical path as c:\inetpub\wwwroot. Microsoft is providing internet services manager tool (inetmgr.exe) to view IIS infromation.
goto start --> run --> inetmgr --> expand websites node --> right click on default website --> select properties --> select home directory tab. There you can see the local path :\inetpub\wwwroot

Creating webpages towards default website:

goto notepad

<h1>default website webpages managed by webserver<h1> 

Save as home.html [C:\inetpub\wwwroot], goto browser and type http://systemname/home.html

Client communication with webserver in real time environment:

The client request to webserver will be taken by inetinfo.exe. The inetinfo.exe will look for client requested webpage within website physical path. If the webpage is available, the webpage content will be copied into client system this content will be interpreted by browser for presenting infor ation to user. In the above approach physical location of webpages will not be given to clients, this provides security to webpages. The client can access webpages with the help of webserver.

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