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Knowledge management system refers to the system for managing of the knowledge in an organization, support creation, capture, store and dissemination of information. The basic idea of KMS is to enable students to have ready access to the organization documented base of facts, source of information and solutions. Sharing this information organization wide can lead to more effective engine design and it could also lead to ideas for new and improved equipment.

In a scenario where students put in their team effort to achieve set targets and goals it becomes necessary that knowledge and data sharing is given highest priority. Students rich in experience and knowledge can provide valued and instant solutions to critical problems. Most time critical applications needs good co-ordination to have the task completed on time.

The application addresses an efficient solution to the above problem. The system identifies users to address and provide solutions. The system identifies an approval authority, an administrator and Students. The approval authority approves the data posted before it updates the data repository. This enables only valid information to be stored in the database.

This project is developed for academic purpose, so it has some limitations. Though it gives a complete picture about any management website. The zip file contains full project source code.

Comments/Suggestions are invited. Happy coding......!

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