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In first article Learn Asp.Net MVC 3.0 Razor in Simple Steps : Part-I we have seen what is Model-View-Controller and what is new in MVC 3. In this article we learn how to make the VS2010 environment ready for MVC 3 Applications. Most of the Microsoft components are released on different schedules. That is when VS2010 was released, MVC version was 2.0. So the better way to update your VS2010 with latest updates is using Web Platform Installer. It is a free tool by microsoft to update with all kinds of its releases with latest updates.

To download WebPI use this link and click on download link as shown in following figure.

Web PI Home

After downloading, run the application which starts downloading required files to intall WebPI as shown below.

Installing WebPI

After finishing installing WebPI, the screen will be as shown below (Some times the screen may be different by depending on the version you download).

Web PI Screen

From the above screen click on 'Add' to choose 'ASP.NET MVC3 Tools Update'. Next click on 'Install' to install.

The examples given in coming articles are used with 'Razor' view engine, so you can install either MVC3 or MVC4. Because razor view engine is introduced in MVC version 3.0. Stand alone installer for MVC3 and MVC4 are given below. You can install all versions at same time and new version doesn't remove old version of MVC.

In next article, about razor view engine will be explained.

Comments/Suggestions are invited. Happy coding......!

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