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This cheat sheet - or Jquery selectors quick reference - lists the common selectors in jquery explained in an easy-to-read format.

Selector Example Selects
* $("*") All elements
#id $("#lastname") The element with id=lastname
.class $(".intro") All elements with class="intro"
element $("p") All p elements
.class.class $(".intro.demo") All elements with the classes "intro" and "demo"
:first $("p:first") The first element
:last $("p:last") The last element
:even $("tr:even") All even tr elements
:odd $("tr:odd") All odd tr elements
:eq(index) $("ul li:eq(3)") The fourth element in a list (index starts at 0)
:gt(no) $("ul li:gt(3)") List elements with an index greater than 3
:lt(no) $("ul li:lt(3)") List elements with an index less than 3
:not(selector) $("input:not(.empty)") All input elements that are not empty
:header $(":header") All header elements h1, h2..
:animated $(":animated") All animated elements
:contains(text) $(":contains('W3Schools')") All elements which contains the text
:empty $(":empty") All elements with no child (elements) nodes
:hidden $("p:hidden") All hidden p elements
:visible $("table:visible") All visible tables
s1, s2, s3 $("th, td, .intro") All elements with matching selectors
[attribute] $("[href]") All elements with a href attribute
[attribute=value] $("[href='default.htm']") All elements with a href attribute value equal to "default.htm"
[attribute!=value] $("[href!='default.htm']") All elements with a href attribute value not equal to "default.htm"
[attribute$=value] $("[href$='.jpg']") All elements with a href attribute value ending with ".jpg"
:input $(":input") All input elements
:text $(":text") All input elements with type="text"
:password $(":password") All input elements with type="password"
:radio $(":radio") All input elements with type="radio"
:checkbox $(":checkbox") All input elements with type="checkbox"
:submit $(":submit") All input elements with type="submit"
:reset $(":reset") All input elements with type="reset"
:button $(":button") All input
:image $(":image") All input elements with type="image"
:file $(":file") All input elements with type="type"
:enabled $(":enabled") All enabled input elements
:disabled $(":disabled") All disabled input elements
:selected $(":selected") All selected input elements
:checked $(":checked") All checked input elements

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