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Developing of an automated system in order to establish the interactivity between varied levels of users in a typical pesticide production firm is done in this application. Through this application the administration can obtain the feedback from clients via dealers. The application provides updated product details to the customers through this application Entire customer base as well as dealers can be reached through this application

The main intention of the proposed and designed system is to automate the communication and distribution channel between the company management, dealers and the clients of the company


  1. Automate the communication between the clients and the company
  2. Obtain feed back from the clients and dealers
  3. Generate reports from dealers with specific requirement
  4. Provide updated details of the company products.
  5. Generate and report the sales data in accordance with the specific dealers and product.
  6. Obtain workshop details.
  7. Attain each and every query of the user.


The application comprises the following major modules

  1. Dealers
  2. Clients
  3. Company Management


Software Requirements

Web Technologies : ASP.NET 2.0 or above

Language : VB.NET 2.0 or above

Database : SQL SERVER 2005 or above

Web Server : IIS

Operating System : WINDOWS XP or above

This project is developed for academic purpose, so it has some limitations. Though it gives a complete picture about Distributed Channel Management System. The zip file consists all required documents, database and full project source code.

Comments/Suggestions are invited. Happy coding......!

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