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This project is aimed at developing an online defect tracking system useful for applications developed in an organization. The Defect Tracking System (DTS) is a web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. This system can be used for logging defects against an application/module, assigning defects to individuals and tracking the defects to resolution. There are features like email notifications, user maintenance, user access control, report generators etc in this system.

The software is fully integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as CMS (Content Management System) solution and developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one from manual works.

Following tasks can be performed with the application:

  • • User Maintenance
  • • Component Maintenance
  • • Defect Tracking
  • • Report

User Maintenance

Creating, Granting & Revoking access and deleting users from application.

Component Maintenance

Creating a component (application being developed/ enhanced), Granting & Revoking access on components to Users and Marking a component as “Active” or “Closed”.

Defect Tracking

Creating, Assigning defects to users, Modifying and Closing a defect. A defect screen should at least have following details

  • • Defect Id and Title
  • • Defect priority
  • • Date created
  • • Date created
  • • Defect description
  • • Defect diagnosis
  • • Name of originator
  • • Status
  • • Resolution


Generate reports on defects.

Following additional tasks also can be performed by this application:

  • • Find User
  • • Find component
  • • Find defect


  • 1) Administrator
  • 2) Operational Administrator
  • 3) Operator
  • 4) Defect Tracking
  • 5) Search
  • 6) Reports
  • 7) Registration and Authentication


Software Requirements

Web Technologies : ASP.NET 2.0 or above

Language : ASP.NET 2.0 or above

Database : SQL SERVER 2005 or above

Web Server : IIS

Operating System : WINDOWS XP or above

Code Behind : C#.NET

This project is developed for academic purpose, so it has some limitations. The zip file consists all required documents, database and full project source code.

Comments/Suggestions are invited. Happy coding......!

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