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Visual Basic

23. Classes and Collections in VB 6.0

Collection is an object that can contain a collection of values

24. Explaining ActiveX in VB 6.0

ActiveX technology was introduced in Visual Basic 5.0

1. Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0

Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0

2. Working with Text Box, Label and Command Button

Text box is used to take input from user.

3. Working with Checkbox, OptionButton and Frame in VB 6.0

Checkbox is used to deal with toggle options

4. Introduction to Language Elements in VB 6.0

Every variable has a data type.

5. Using ListBoxes in VB 6.0

List box is one of the intrinsic controls

6. Working with Images Timers and scrollbars in VB 6.0

Image control is one of the intrinsic controls

7. Working with menus in VB 6.0

A menu is a collection of options

8. KeyboardEvents and MouseEvents in VB 6.0

Keyboard and Mouse are two most important input devices

9. Common Dialog Control in VB 6.0

Visual Basic allows your application to use

10. File Handling in VB 6.0

A file is a collection of bytes

11. System Objects in VB 6.0

System objects allow you to access

12. MDI application in VB 6.0

A child form is a form for which MDIChild

13. Runtime Error Handling in VB 6.0

To handle runtime errors we have to use On Error statement