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Faqs for Submitting to CodeMyne

Article Format

  • Every article/tutorial/project that to be submitted to codemyne must follow the given format. Our technical writers have the right to format the submitted article/tutorial/project without any discussions.
Format example


Introdution about your article/tutorial/project goes here...


Description about your article/tutorial/project goes here...

Start Here

Here, your actual explanation starts, where you have to include complete explanation about your submission including any images. If you are not able to insert the images, mention the image number/title at the place where image required. But don't forget to inlcude images with your source code file.


Conclude your article/tutorial/project here


Here, you should mention any references that had gone through,if any. But not compulsory

About Author

Need some details about you like education, job, achievements..etc.

General Terms & Conditions
  1. Any uploading file(document) other than Microsoft Word is not allowed to submmit the article/tutorial/project
  2. Codemyne takes 2 to 3 days to publish your artical/tutorial/project. No conversation is entertained.
  3. Codemyne has all rights to distribute/modify once code is published in Codemyne
  4. Author must not send to any other web sites/magzines or to any publishing media,once the article/tutorial/project is published in Codemyne.
  5. You will not receive any Remuneration/Compensation from codemyne.net or the users of our directory for articles/tutorilas/projects you submit.
  6. This site is advertisement supported and we reserve the right to place advts around and within the articles/tutorials/projects that are submitted
  7. If anyone found abusing this website, stuffing articles with links, and repeatedly violating our policies - may find their accounts closed and articles deleted.
  8. Members are not allowed to submit others written or published articles/tutorials/projects and the content should be unique.
  9. If project is having only source code, it can be submitted directly.This excemption is only for complete projects.

For any clarifications, please Contact us or mail to renuk@codemyne.net